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Discover every hidden corner of Romania, learn about local culture and make the time spent in Romania your best adventure yet! 

Learn the most used words in the local language (Romanian), find out where locals spend their time off and get updated with local news! 

Most importantly, Enjoy your time in Romania!

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Romania Travel tips

Romania is a land of wonder, with mighty mountains and beautiful valleys.

Theoretically, you can hike mountains of over 2000 m high in the morning and then finish your day chilling by the sea.

Moving to Romania can seem like stepping into a new world and having to learn once more the customs and unspoken rules of a new society, but trust us, it's worth it!

We're here to help you, guide you and inform you about the best things happening TODAY in Romania. 

Where to go out, where to shop and where do locals and expats hang out? 

Get the best Romania travel tips and more, for free. 

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Romania Hacks

You need

Romania can be expensive and annoying if you don't know how to tackle it. 

Some got used to these Romania hacks, and some are new to the culture. 

We want to address all of these though our blogs and online presence. It's always easier to overcome anything when you combine your energy in a group. 

Most importantly, we (Romanians) are friendly, and want to make sure you are welcomed! 

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Expat in Romania Community

Expat in Romania is a growing community of travel and outgoing locals and expats, looking to make the most out of their time in Romania. Aiming to deliver the best possible experience to expats, we dedicate 


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Get the best tips on how to travel to and around Romania. What are the best companies to use and the best prices! 

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What are the best things to do, see and visit in a given location? Ask us and we will gladly help you get around! 

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We are committed to discover the best destinations in Romania, and offer you the best travel guides to get you there.

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Danube Delta

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Bucegi Mountains

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Fagarasi Mountains


City Rooftops

More Places

What to do in Romania

Where to go and what to see? As you will start to discover Romania, you'll surly fall in love with its nature and friendly people.

Discover the Romanian Capital

What to see in Bucharest?

the coolest things to do are  always free

The capital of Romania is also the largest city in Romania and is the financial, industrial and cultural centre of the Country. 

As a hub for higher education, rich in neoclassical architecture, Bucharest delights its visitors with its eclectic style. 

Dobbed as the "Paris of the East", Bucharest has a strong French influence regarding its architecture, and that's one of the many reasons foreigners choose it as a city break destination in Europe.

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Top cities of Romania

What are the tops cities of Romania?

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