About Us

About Us

Hi! I'm Julia, the author of ExpatInRomania.com and also an enthusiastic traveller. 

Expat in Romania is a project born as a desire to welcome foreigners to Romania and try to showcase the best events and traditions.  

After visiting more than 35 countries, I realised there's no other place that I found to be more welcoming and free, than the authentic Eastern European country which I call home. 

And that's why, I want to keep you up to date with all the news, the events worth attending and the overall good tips and tricks you need to know before visiting Romania. 

If you want to know more about what I do, what else I write about, then find me on my personal travel blog, JuliaSomething.com.

Julia's blog

Why I started ExpatinRomania

As Romania starts to be on the map of more and more travellers, there was a need for an authentic community of travellers and expats in Romania. 

Luxury Fleet

Where there are more, you can find more answers to all your questions. That's why we built a community.

Locals to help

Locals always make your experience better, so why not reach out to people who actually live there?


What is the best type of accommodation for you?

Free to Join

It's free. We truly are friendly and welcoming and someone is paying for this blog out of their own pocket. (It's Julia!)


It's in our human nature to always seek the comfort of a community and that's why it's only natural to get involved. 

It's OK to join only for the free tips. 

Or you can join to help others accommodate faster. Either way, it feels good to give and to receive help. 

tips & Tricks

Join the Expat Community

Living or just travelling in a foreign country can be difficult at times. That's why I want to help you with the best tips on what to do and what are the best way to spend your free time in Romania.

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