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bucharest remote working

Do you want to be remote working in Romania? Or are you searching for the best cities for Digital Nomads? According to the Remote Working Index report by, Bucharest, the capital of Romania is the best city for remote workers.

Factors to consider before choosing the best city for remote working

The report analysed 50 cities from around the world, considering the following five factors:

  • Internet speed
  • Availability of Food Delivery
  • Remote Working Jobs
  • Cost of a laptop
  • Cost of living

Remote Working in Romania

While it might not seem like a lot, Bucharest has availability of 4.33% for remote working jobs, which is more than any other city listed in the report.

The cost of an laptop is average, not the highest, but not the lowest price either.

Bucharest has also one of the best internet speeds in the world: 52 Mbps.

And there is no secret that the cost of living in Bucharest is low in comparison to the majority of the European capitals. According to the report the cost of living in Bucharest is £421.32 (482.22 EUR or 585.42 USD) for a month.

Food Delivery in Bucharest

Another factor to take into consideration when choosing a city to work remotely is the availability of food delivery. While most of the Eastern European cities are included in the report for the best cities for remote working, none have so many food delivery apps like Bucharest has.

Food delivery apps in Bucharest:

You can use these links to order food directly from their website, or install the apps, and order food from the mobile apps. The apps work great and most of the times there are special deals on the apps for some restaurants, and even free delivery. It may happen that it is cheaper to order food by one of these apps, than to pick it up yourself. Most locals use all of them, because not restaurants are listed on all of the apps.

Internet speed in Bucharest and internet providers

Bucharest is famous for its rapid internet connection. And this is a big thing to pay attention to when planning to work remotely in Romania.

Romania has four main internet providers:

  • DIGI România (RCS & RDS) – The most popular subscription is Fiberlink 1000 – 940 bps Download / 450 Mbps Upload – 40 RON (7.17 GBP / 8.21 EUR / 9.96 USD)
  • Vodafone (UPC)UPC Internet 500 – 500 Mbps Download / 25 Mbps Upload – 10 EUR ( 8.74 GBP / 12.14 USD)
  • OrangeFibra 1000: 940 Mbps Download / 450 Mbps Upload – 8 EUR (6.99 GBP / 9.71 USD)
  • TelekomTelekom Internet L: 1000 Mbps Download / 500 Mbps Upload – 8 EUR ((6.99 GBP / 9.71 USD)

Occasionally, the internet providers can offer discounts up to 50% on their subscriptions for up to 6 months. It may depend on your contract and other services you bought from them. Also, some of these subscriptions require buying upfront or renting a router. It depends on the offer, but that’s usually around 1 EUR per month extra. They have more options available. These are some of the best deals, to give you an idea of what you will pay per month.

The procedure is quite simple, you just call them and ask for the service, then they come to your house, install the router and all the cables (it depends on where you live) and you can have an internet connection in 2 days.

The same home internet providers are also the giants of the Romanian market when it comes to mobile internet connections. Most mobile subscriptions are within the same price range, but you can also buy a simple prepaid sim card. Sim cards can be recharged online in a few minutes, or in many supermarkets. In my experience, it’s the cheapest internet.

I use Digi for home internet (I pay 35 RON / month) and Orange for mobile (prepaid sim card 5 EUR/ month).

Cost of a laptop in Bucharest

Romania hasn’t the cheapest electronics, and it might be difficult to find some laptops with specific features readily available to pick-up from the store.

But even so, Romania isn’t expensive when it comes to the cost of electronics. If you happen to be in the US, UK or Germany (or any other country or duty-free), then consider buying your smartphone, laptop or camera from there, before arriving in Romania. Chances are that will be at least 10% cheaper than it is in Romania.

But you will find most of the electronics on display in most of the electronic shops. I recommend checking prices on multiply sites before placing an order. If want to be remote working in Romania, then check out these places to buy a laptop.

Here are some of the most popular electronic stores in Romania:

  • Emag (not the cheapest, but has a wide range of products)
  • Altex (MediaGalaxy) – good prices, but need to check the online price which can differ from the ones in the stores.
  • – This is where I got my last laptop from. It had the best price.

The are are other stores, but these are the ones you need to check if you want to buy a new laptop.

Cost of Living in Bucharest

While Bucharest is cheap for expats, it still is the most expensive city to live in in Romania. Cluj is on the same level, some say Cluj is more expensive, but I’m rooting for my hometown.

Even so, the cost of living in Bucharest is £421.32 (482.22 EUR or 585.42 USD) for a month. This is by far one of the cheapest cities to live in in Europe.

Check out these sites to get an idea of the types of accomodation you’ll find in Bucharest:

These are many real estate websites and agencies to help you with this step. Take notice that if you hire an acengy to help you rent a place, they will ask for a one time only 50% fee from the cost of the monthly rent. Also, most apartments ask for a one month deposit + pay for the first month in advance, before you move it. The deposite you will get back at the end of you stay, or in some cases, can be used to pay your last month there.

But this is a high cost to pay upfront. That is almost the cost of the rent for 3 months.

If you find someone to rent you an apartment, without using an agency, you will pay less (no fee for the agency and the conditions might be better for you). Do not rent an apartment without a legal contract.

I hope all this information is useful if you plan to work remotely from Bucharest, or even if you want to be remote working in Romania.

Let me know if I should add anything else.

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